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Class of 2020 | Cousins and Chunky Sweaters

What happens when you have two beautiful high school seniors in the same family? Double senior session of course! I knew that these two ladies were gorgeous but WOW; they shine infront of the camera. They wanted to shoot in one of my favorite locations at Red Rock and I thought it was perfect because of all the different rock formations, the girls would have similar but not exactly the same backgrounds in their photos (minus the cave cutout because it is a fan favorite). Vegas was lucky to get snow capped mountains the week prior to the shoot and after a little hiking, we were able to capture the rare gift nature blessed us with with images that still makes me crave hot chocolate every time I look at them! I also wanted to give a shout out to their warm and cute chunky sweaters. I can honestly say that while shooting, I was definitely jealous of their comfort lol.

Cheers and good luck girls!

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