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Dry Lake Bed Engagement Session | Wind & More Wind

What an engagement session! This session is one that will remain in my heart forever. These high school sweethearts booked me recently for their summer wedding and wanted to shoot their engagements out at the dry lake bed. The morning of their shoot, there was not a cloud in the sky and sweater weather was forgotten. That was until about 2 hours before their shoot. As the bride-to-be was having her hair & makeup trial done, the clouds started rolling in. I quickly informed her that we were most likely not going to get the golden hour look she was hoping for but that the clouds would look AMAZING in pictures!

What we didn't anticipate as the day progressed, was the high winds. As we were driving towards the dry lake bed, I was watching the trees that we passed and knew this would be a very interesting shoot. A breeze would have been ideal for dry lake bed pictures but the wind was really starting to pick up. When we got there, I told the couple that they had a few options. They could embrace the wind & try to be playful and have fun with it because the pics would be stunning, but they definitely wouldn't have perfect hair. I also gave them the option of rescheduling if it was truly going to be miserable; which was understandable.

Luckily for me, they were onboard with simply trying and behold below the camera magic we captured right before we were completely circled by a cloud of dust so thick we couldn't see the mountains anymore!

Cheers & Enjoy.

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