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Maverick Helicopter Elopement | Helicopter Rides & Desert Vows

Updated: Feb 2

It was a bucket list item for me to shoot a helicopter elopement here in Las Vegas and I finally was given the opportunity! I had a blast!!!

The Maverick Helicopter company provides couples a unique elopement ceremony experience by flying to Red Rock over Las Vegas and landing on top of one of the adjacent mountains. My lovely Canadian couple brought along the bride's sister & husband, their officiant, and of course me.

Our pilot did not disappoint as we listened to " Fortunate Son" and the opening song from Top Gun on our journey to the desert mountains. The first ascending moment was one that tickled our stomaches and really set the mood for the adventure-like memories that were about to be made. Then on the way back, we were given stunning views of the strip as we rode past the tops of the famous properties of the Las Vegas strip.

I'll never forget this couple and how easy their love was. There were tear filled eyes as they exchanged vows that were then followed by tears of laughter and happiness. THIS is what all elopements should feel like; joy and excitement.

Cheers Loves!

Maverick Helicopter Ceremonies:


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